wireless drive mapping - reboot ID 8021

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setting up new laptop and sharing folders from desktop to get my
favorites/music etc onto laptop. I can move data across fine, but when I
reboot it , it doesn't remap ( I DID check the reconnect at logon box)
the drives.  They appear as disconnected on laptop and "reconnect" is
not an option.    If I remove and map them again they work fine. I
mapped a folder on each to the other and can copy/move data back and
forth fine. Until the laptop reboots - then same thing.  I never had
this problem in a wired environment - this is my first time mapping
using a wireless pc.  They are both in the same wet54g router and I
mapped like so:

\desktop\oldfolder   and

whether I 'map as a drive' or share the folder - same thing after
They APPEAR in My network places but fail to open.
not sure of time stamp in relaton to the problem, but Event log only
shows event ID 8021

When they cannot "see each other" in windows explorer, if I go to DOS
net use j: \laptop\newfolder  or \x.y.z.ipaddress\newfolder
net use m: \desktop\oldfolder on the laptop
that works fine in dos but even then if I go to windows explorer - still
shows old info as "unreachable".

I'm guessing that there's something about wireless connectivity and I've
googled but can't find out why.
I do have security set on router , but since I don't get prompted for
any info I'm assuming that has nothing to do with this.
Later I'll use a wire ( done for now) but anyone have any insight ?


Re: wireless drive mapping - reboot ID 8021

- Bobb - wrote:
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Disable the Computer Browser Service on one of the computers, and
reboot.  Wait ten to twenty minutes and see if you can then access
shared folders.  If it works, then the next time the computers boot, the
access should be much faster.


Re: wireless drive mapping - reboot ID 8021

Will try it tomorrow
 thank you.

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