Wireless cards and routers for laptops

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Hello chaps,

Im looking at buying a 802.11g 54mbps wireless card and router for my
home. I am currently running 56k (urghh) but i will be getting
broadband some time later this year.

I recently bought a laptop and was wondering:

1. will anywireless cards sit flush inside the PCMICA slot?
2. can anyone suggest a router that has connectivity for 2 computers
and is compatable with 56K and broadband.... also file sharing etc...
basically a good not to expensive router.

Oh and if it helps my laptop is a medion SIM2000.  :)

Re: Wireless cards and routers for laptops

Routers with broadband and dial-up are very hard to find. Seems
everyone is going with broadband. But, DLink DI-824VUP and Netgear
FWG114P are two wireless routers that have dial-up capability and
broadband. But both are fairly expensive, well over $100.

A wireless PCMCIA card with protude about 1 1/4 inches from the side of
the slot.

Good luck, jimbo

trialsbum wrote:
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Re: Wireless cards and routers for laptops

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If the OP already has a desktop setup with a modem, the choice of
routers becomes more flexible.  The router would basically be a hub
and the desktop computer would be the router.  I've never done this
with dial-up, so I'm not sure what setting all this up would entail.

According to this site, Windows Internet Connection Sharing post-
Win98SE will work with a dial-up modem:


Netgear offers a wireless-B card that sticks out about 1/2" from the
PC slot, model MA521.

Re: Wireless cards and routers for laptops

ok then what about a router that just sends an RJ45 signal say from a
PC which is connected to the internet around the house..... i mean it
would be like useing a crossover cable but without the cable... right?

Re: Wireless cards and routers for laptops

On 9 Mar 2005 11:17:42 -0500,
Trialsbum@hotmail-dot-com.no-spam.invalid (trialsbum) wrote:

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It goes like this:

Internet --> router --> wifi

PC1-wifi    PC2-wifi   PC3-wifi

If you are getting broadband "later" this year, yer jumping the gun.
By that time things have changed, new router products, new wifi

Re: Wireless cards and routers for laptops

ALL 3COM XJACK wifi pcmcia cards will fit flush with the side of the
laptop when not in use.  You extend the antenna when it's in use.

The SONY L shaped wifi cards don't need to have their antennas ejected
in/out ala the 3COM models, and they stick out about 3mm against the
side of the laptop (the end of the L if you look at the card from the
side).  These are the slimmest cards available w/o ejecting antennas ala
the 3COM models.

(older 802.11b models are dirt-cheap on ebay.com)

These two both have short ranges vs. the latest high-power pcmcia a/b/g
cards from SMC and other companies, so don't expect coverage beyond a
few hundred feet with either of the above choices.

Re: Wireless cards and routers for laptops

Virtually no wireless card will sit flush, and you wouldn't want it if
it did.  The part that sticks out is the antenna, and it NEEDS to stick
out if you want the card to work well.

Virtually any wireless router will work and will have connectivity for
at least 4 wired computers plus up to a couple hundred wireless
computers (well, in theory).  I'd recommend Linksys (1st choice) or
D-Link.  There are some very good buys; two weeks ago, Best Buy had a
D-Link 802.11g complete set on sale -- both the router and the PC Card
-- for $19.95 after two rebates.  That was $20 for BOTH the "g" router
and PC Card (granted, it was $80 before two $30 rebates).  Hard to beat,
usually you are doing good if you can find either a "G" router or PC
card for that.

trialsbum wrote:
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Re: Wireless cards and routers for laptops

Ok gyuys thanks for that I mean I know how it works I was just
wondering about the cards really... ill look into the sony card

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