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My internal wireless card works well for the most part but it gets
flakey reception sometimes...Anyone know of any good antennas/hardware
I could use that would boost its receiving power?

Re: wireless antenna

First, your card's built in antenna is designed to maximize the transmit
power as well as maximize the received power.  You really should not mess
with it.  For those cards that have external attachments for an antenna,
check with the manufacturer for the proper antenna.  It needs to be matched
with the transmitter/receiver for impedance and effective radiated power and
the manufacturer should have the best by design.

You can improve the reception of your card by using an antenna that exceeds
the gain of your manufacturers antenna (their max gain ones)  but not
without increasing the effective radiated power of the cards transmitter.
This could exceed the FCC limits and subject you to fines.  (Should you be
in the U.S.A..) So, before you install your cantenna, parabolic or yagi,
keep that in mind.

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