Wireless adaptor problem

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Dell D600, with a G-Link AirPlus G+ PCI card adaptor (the same adaptor
that worked perfectly prior to the HDD crash)

Had a hard drive crash, sourced a new drive and reinstalled Windows (XP

I've tried reinstalling acccording to the instructions, software first
then reinstalling the hardware, but it just won't recognise that
there's anything plugged into the PCI slot at all. If I try it the
other way, hardware first, I don't get the "new hardware installed"
message box.  If I unplug it and refit it, there's no recognition in
Windows of anything happening.  Device Manager shows the PCI CardBus
Controller installed, and there's certainly power getting to the
adaptor cos the Link LED on the card flashes (there are two, a "Link"
and an "Act" LED, and they both flash in sync when its working

There's a "safely remove hardware" icon in the system tray, but that
only shows the CD drive, even when the PC card is plugged in.

Any ideas?

Re: Wireless adaptor problem

bigbrian wrote:
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I thought that model had integrated wifi on mini-pci bus?
If not - wouldn't it better to fit it (assuming the antenna is installed)

As for yours, dumb Q perhaps - but have you tried both slots (assuming
the 600 has 2 )

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