Wipe vs Wipe Media!

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Found out the difference finally between the above to functional things.
Wipe really creams your C: drive or any drive you use it on.   In
fact it dont even leave a C: prompt or nothing just a blank screen

Wipe Media however does clean your c: drive, but reformats it and
leaves the c: prompt active next time you power up.  So if you
use GHOST or ACRONIS or whatever imageing software and you use
WIPE your not gonna be able to get a c: prompt to restore the image
to and you gotta go back to at least install win98sa, then take
a UPgrade version disk (which I have) and finally install winxp/pro
all over again.   So next time I get angry enuff I will just
use Wipe media, and with about 10 mins after power up I can
call the image from my external maxtor USB port and it will take
the image from F: and put it right back into c: .

Just make sure you have GHOST or ACRONIS on both your c: drive
and on your external DR that has the image on it and in a short
time your back up and running !!!  Goleeeee! as that guy from
Alabama would say.
                Kokomo Joe

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