WinXP Pro shutting down from time to time

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Hello there,

I have a ASUS A2000D running on WinXP Pro. Just installed, AntiVir and
Firewall set up and everything seems to be working. But from time to time
(specially by playing computer games) my laptop shuts down. This means he
closes (or tries to close) all programs and turn off the system. Actually
I think there might be a overheating problem but I don't know how to solve
it. I would send it in to let it repair, but it neither helps me as I need
the computer for work.

Can anyone help me?

Regards, K.

Re: WinXP Pro shutting down from time to time

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 06:19:18 -0500, "Kloschuessel"

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How old is this thing? Don't be bashful about returning it if still
under warranty.

Do u get a blue screen at all? what does it say (read real quick).
Hopefully this indicates a bad physical address (bad ram).

Do you notice the fan comes on at all? (maybe faulty fan).

Otherwise see if u can reproduce the problem consistently. Run a
"burner" utility. Run it several times, and note how long it takes to
shutdown. Be sure there are adecuate ventilation around the laptop.
Now run it again, but with a household fan on it, and note how long it
takes to shutdown (if).

If heat problem confirmed, u need to dissassemble the thing (take your
time, and have plenty of small tools) and blow any dust out throughly,
be sure vents/fan not blocked.

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