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I have 2 Dell notebooks, each of which has a problem. The older one is
a Inspiron 8100, and it's problem is that the screen saver no longer
goes on by itself. I have to use the "Preview" option on the Properties
window from the desktop.

I tried using various screensave programs, and blank screens
nothing works. This machine is over 2 years old, is it just me or does
Windows slowly fall apart over time?

The other system is a much newer Inspiron 5100 and it's problem is that
the fan *never* turns off. I am afraid it will wear out in 6 months or
a year, and I ususally get 3-4 years out of a Dell notebook (except the
keyboard which I destroy in about a year

It seems like this last problem started when I added more RAM. The
system now has 750 MB, I can find no corelation but best to give lots
of info when asking a question.

Any help would be appreciated!

Cheers, David

P.S. One last question.  What tape backup system do Windows folks like?
I have an Exabyte 8mm unit that is fantastic, 10 GB per tape, tape
cost $2.  But of course Microsoft no longer supports it.

Re: Windows XP kruft

This is very easy to fix.  Just sell the dell laptops and buy an IBM
Thinkpad.  Dell Sucks.

Re: Windows XP kruft wrote:
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Don't you mean a Levono Thinkpad?


Re: Windows XP kruft wrote:
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Well thank you for the major boost in the technical support level of
this thread, I mean, wow, none of us would have ever thought of such a
simple solution to a problem.

Perhaps try posting something useful instead of a AOL-ish "dell sucks"


Re: Windows XP kruft wrote:

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Chances are a software running in the background prevents your
screen-saver from activating. Try disabling each of them one by one
until you find the culprit.

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Hard to think of a correlation but you're right, better explain the
background. First the obvious: remove the RAM you added and see if it
takes care of the problem. Second, open task manager, processus, CPU and
see if a service is using a lot of CPU time. If you cannot identify
services, search on the Internet to discover which program runs it. Try
stopping it and see if the fan stops. In addition, a look at your Bios
settings might not be a waste of time. From there, report further for
additional help. Checking for clogged air vent could be a good idea too,
but I am not familiar with this specific machine and someone else will
certainly help you with that.


John Doue

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