Windows XP Hit

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Hi all,

I didn't know which group to post this to,, hope im close. After i got
back from xmass vacation begining of Jan this year I turned on my
computer and instantly noticed that updates started downloading. I
thought this was normal since I did not turn it on for three weeks...
Next, after an hour the computer stops responding; if click the 'start'
button i get "not enough quota to execute this command" or some crap
like that... i get the same msg for any application that i try to
start. Only solution is to reboot or log off then log in again. saem
story repeats an hour later..

did any one have the same or similar experience? what the hell did they
download to my computer?? OR is this a virus; is anyone one familiar
with these sumptoms?

your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

many thanks,

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