Windows will not boot under any circumstances!

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i have run into a major predicament with my Acer Aspire 5634wlmi
laptop thats only a few months old.
Basically after leaving it on overnight to do a virus scan i return to
it in the morning to find it's still doing it but with serious lagg
that isn't normal. so i restart thinking it'll remove lagg and work
fine... erm nope. it shutdown, turned back on went through normal
procedure UNTIL it got to the Windows XP Screen with the blue bar at
the bottom. the bar cycled once, then did a 1/4 cycler, went to a blue
screen then restarted [the blue screen was just a flash - enough to
tell there was an error but not enough that you could read it] all
safe mode options failed, last mode failed and normal failed... i put
the HD into a caddy to transfer files and such and put that back in
the machine to do a recovery... guess what... recovery wouldnt boot
so for now i'm stuck with a bricked laptop.
Anyone know whether i can fix it myself or send it in for a new unit?
Also an addition to what i've posted on the MCE group.
I did hear my laptops hard drive clicking sometimes, in which i made
an enquiry here 2 days before everything went down but didnt get no
response... could the HD have failed taking out a boot sector or

Thanks for any help in trying to fix it :]

P.S It is a MCE 2005 fyi :]

Re: Windows will not boot under any circumstances!

Put a system disk in drive E:> then start, it will look in E:> and boot
off the disk.

Re: Windows will not boot under any circumstances!

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yes, it could have failed.  anytime your hard drive makes a clicking sound,
its on the way out.  good luck, try googling next time, the 'my hard drive
makes a clicking sound' question has been answered 1000000000 times in this
newsgroup and others, and the only response is 1) back up data  2) replace
hard drive.

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