Windows Vista on Toshiba A105

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I installed the latest Vista Beta on a Toshiba A105-S2712 laptop.  The
Vista advisor, running under XP, says it can run Aero.  This laptop has
an Intel 915 chipset with Intel Graphics Accelerator 900 chipset video
(uses shared memory).  This video system can allocate 128MB of video
memory and supports Pixel Shader 2 and DX9.  The computer has a gigabyte
of total memory.  The CPU is a Pentium M 1.73GHz (not a Celeron).

My questions all revolve around running Aero the Aero interface on this

First, how can I tell if Aero is running?  If Aero is like an Orgasm
("if you don't know if you are running it, you are not"), then I'm not
running Aero.  There is nothing spectacularly different that reaches out
and shakes me, no transparent see-through Windows or anything like that.

Second, if I'm not running it, is there anything in Vista itself that
will come right out and tell me if I'm running Aero, if not why not, and
is there anything I can do turn Aero on if it's currently off?

[Note, I'm using pretty much "Classic everything" .... start menu,
desktop, folders]

[The A105 series is insanely popular right now, and it's interesting to
note that the Toshiba web site lists over FIVE DOZEN different
"configuration models" (the "-Snnnn" suffix) of the A105, ranging from
$399 Celeron configurations to $1,400 Core Duo configurations.  Probably
more configurations of a single model than Toshiba has ever offered.
Which suggests that a huge number of people will ultimately be
interested in the answer to this.]


Re: Windows Vista on Toshiba A105

Bad luck, Get a new version of the update wizard or whatever, you now
need WDDM drivers GMA 900 dosn't have it. It is the only thing stopping
it. Earlier versions of the vista advisor says it can run, but I gather
it can't. Not until a hacker or someone can make some drivers.

Hope that helps,
Ben Pazolli

Re: Windows Vista on Toshiba A105

That's what I gather ... that the hardware actually could support it but
that no one has written a driver at this time.

The good news is that the possibility of such a driver being written is
not precluded.  But no one seems to be suggesting that it is likely to

bpazolli wrote:
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Re: Windows Vista on Toshiba A105

Barry Watzman wrote:
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OK, I took some time with my Beta 2, and I believe that if you use
Classic menus, etc., Aero is largely inoperative.  The Welcome Center
has everything one needs to invoke the Aero interface, check the
'quality' of the computer - three is good, etc.  I have read various
that the 900 IGA does/does not work for aero, but the IGA 950 is
'expected' to work.  The best that I've read is that the video base for
Aero is still a moving target especially since the report a month ago
that the highest invocation of aero would require a dedicated GPU with
min 512MB dedicated VRAM.

I will say that that Beta2 is faster than hell compared to my install of
XP on an Intel 840 dual core since it appears to be heavily threaded.
OTOH, Microsoft has a long row to hoe to get this ready for release in
under a year.  Vista is very stable, fast, but largely incomplete.  One
notorious error is that the Windows Live Mail app cannot download more
than about 4k of newsgroups, making it useless for reporting to this NG
while in the OS - I'm wondering if by design!

The other thing is that the 'eye candy' appeal will wear off quickly,
making Aero another MS misstep.  The underlying OS is pretty good, but
nothing at all compared to the latest Mac operating systems that are
tailored for access to the underlying functionality for multimedia and
other user functions. There are still far too many changes from XP that
appear to have been made for the sake of change rather than for the sake
of functionality, making access to common functions unnecessarily
cumbersome.  The tortuous shutdown/restart command invoked from a tiny
icon is one of the more glaring of these errors.  Many of the user
functions that we have grown to 'love' have also been changed for no
apparent reason other than that section of developers were charged with
making a change.  Overall, eye candy good; usability, suffering.  IMO.


Re: Windows Vista on Toshiba A105

What I've found out since last evening when I posted the original
message is that the 900 graphics system in the 915 chipset is hardware
capable of running Aero, but that it doesn't actually do so because no
driver exists and none is currently planned (could change, but like I
said, I'm told that as of now, neither MS nor Intel plans to write the
necessary WDDM driver).  This in spite of the fact that the Vista
Advisor says that it WILL run Aero.

Quaoar wrote:

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Re: Windows Vista on Toshiba A105

As I said the new version of that Vista Advisor, has been updated to
tell you otherwise. As it said on the page the Vista Advisor itself is
in Beta.

Good luck,
Ben Pazolli

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