Windows PE as Laptop OS for blazing speed.

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I have always run my laptop for my IT work as a mini server of sorts.
I usually have MS SQL Server and some high end document imaging
software loaded to be able to demo them in sales situations. At other
times I most use my laptop to remotely administer client servers.

Since many of us IT folk are doing so much remotely we are pretty much
living in the remote desktop client logged into some server somewhere.

Well, I started using my office server with remote desktop client for
most all of my office application work such as Word docs, Excel and
other stuff.

So then I'm thinking it would be really nice to have a laptop that
loaded instantly and be ready to use for a terminal server session.

I began thinking of Windows PE 2 which I understand from this thread
does run the Remote Desktop client software.  It would seem that if I
burn a Windows PE 2 image to a CD and then have my laptop boot off the
CD I may have something.

Has anyone tied this.  It would mean I could boot instantly and log
into my terminal server at the office or a client site and start
working much more quickly.  The 72 hour reboot mandatory in PE would
not bother me at all.  I don't really need files on my laptop and when
I do, I could yank the CD and let it boot up normaly in XP Pro.

What do you folks this a nutty idea?

On the other hand, is there a small notebook that boots from Rom or
runs the Mobile 6 OS or maybe there is a Citrix device that is made
for this type of mobile work?

Keith Caravelli

Re: Windows PE as Laptop OS for blazing speed.

Keith Caravelli, MBA, MCSE, SBSC wrote:
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Why can't you just hibernate your xp system?

Return address is VALID!

Re: Windows PE as Laptop OS for blazing speed.

On Aug 22, 8:51 pm, "Keith Caravelli, MBA, MCSE, SBSC"
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You'd think so, wouldn't you.  I want a device like this, too: about
10" screen, tablet form factor, with decent battery life, instant on/
off and wifi.
Maybe Windows Home Server will kickstart interest in such a thing.
Windows PE wasn't all that fast when I last played with it although in
principle there's nothing wrong with your idea.  A Linux live CD would
probably do the job just as well if not better.  I don't think it's
going to be faster than XP though...

The other option you'd have would be to buy some sort of Windows CE/
Mobile device that has the RDP client built in and use that.  The only
ones with decent size and res screen for this are probably expensive
industrial ones, though...a Nokia 770 might do the job with an
external keyboard?


Re: Windows PE as Laptop OS for blazing speed.

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me too!!

I've always wondered why such a device doesn't exist

Re: Windows PE as Laptop OS for blazing speed.

On Aug 23, 9:58 am, wrote:
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Me too!
I'd thought I'd finally hit on a very workable setup a few years ago -
a Toshiba e755 with the ATi expansion pack (plug-in with S-video, D-
Sub SVGA, and USB port, and S-video-to-composite-video adapter, plus
the e755's built-in WiFi & two card slots) and an extended-life
battery for 6-8 hours use.  Unfortunately, the drivers to actually
make use of the ATi pack were never developed, and the Windows CE
factory-loaded was terminally dumbed-down and rejected patching, and
the factory extended-life battery wouldn't even attach to the e755 it
was marketed for.  Ever since being so dramatically disappointed by
several hundred dollars' expenditure, I've just built my own padds.
The hardest part is finding a place to purchase Windows CE; the only
solution I've found is MSDN.  I simply haven't attained the level of
functionality I want from Linux (guess I'm just not as good as Nokia's
whole team put together :)
I've been looking recently at Samsung's Q1 series, but am extremely
hesitant to burn even more money on a factory product.

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