Windows Drivers for Seiko Smartpad?

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Looking for windows drivers for Seiko Smartpad pen input device.

Just to be clear, I'm NOT looking for a program to transfer inknotes
from a pda to the laptop.  I already have that.

I want drivers that run on a windows laptop, look at the ir  port
and directly import data from the Smartpad.  It's a mouse or a touchpad
or a tablet device.  It uses standard IR protocols. It probably has
the same guts as a pc digitizer.  Problem is finding out exactly
what guts and finding a compatible driver.

Thanks, mike

Re: Windows Drivers for Seiko Smartpad?

mike wrote:

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Well, yes, but the only commonplace wireless protocol for which there are
standard definitions for such things is Bluetooth.  IRDA has networking
standards but no standard device profiles.

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Nope.  It's an acoustic device using an active transmitter in the pen, which
is why the pen needs a battery.

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You're going to be pretty much on your own on this I think.  Since it's a
dicsontinued product and never developed much of  a user base (which is why
it's discontinued) there hasn't been much hacking effort put into it.
Basically a good idea poorly implemented and poorly marketed.

If you're a hardcore technoid type you could tear it down and try to reverse
engineer it, but I suspect that if you knew how to do things like that
you'd have already done it.

There are couple of other options you might want to look into depending on
your purpose.  Seiko made an "InkLink" using the same technology as the
Smartpad that had a USB port and plugged right into a PC, however they
never released a software update for it and the software that came with it
had some problems.  It's been out of production for a long time so good
luck finding one.   Wacom has a Bluetooth wireless version of their
Graphire graphics tablet that if it's like other Wacom products should be
excellent, but it's a bit larger than a Smartpad and won't take a pad of
paper--you can get a pen for it that writes in ink though.

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