Windows 2000 battery meter

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I'm running Win2k on an old Compusa Amerinote AN from 1999 and I get
terrific battery life considering how old the laptop is.  I have
noticed an annoying problem with the Win2k battery meter:  When the
battery gets down below 33%, all the sudden the battery meter goes down
to 1% without going through the 20s or 10s, and I get a critically low
battery warning.  However, the computer still functions normally and
when the battery really gets down to around 8% the battery meter all of
the sudden gets back to normal.  The same thing happens again when I
charge the battery:  Between around 8 and 33%, Win2k thinks the battery
is practically dead, but the meter works perfectly below 8 or above
33%.  Since I have two batteries, it is worth nothing that this
ridiculous behavior happens with both of them.  I have already tried
letting the batteries drain below 3% to recalibrate the power meter,
and it didn't help.  If anyone could please tell me what might be
causing this, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

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