Winbook XP (mid '90s vintage) Hard Drive

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These things aren't even popping up on Ebay.  How can I get ahold of HD
large enough for Windows 95 or 2000 and a few DOS programs?  I have a
working unit minus the HD, would like to fool around with it...

Re: Winbook XP (mid '90s vintage) Hard Drive

Rob wrote:
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The original HD was probably less than 8Gbytes - maybe 1.4GB?  Any drive
matching the original will work, but your BIOS will limit Win95 to maybe
1.4GB and Win2K to 137GB.  Take out your existing drive, it will likely
be a 2.5 inch HD, and go to say or and
see what there is in 2.5inch notebook drives that match your needs.

If the drive is not a standard 2.5 inch drive, then you will be out of
luck unless you get a drive direct form Winbook (if they even have one!).


Re: Winbook XP (mid '90s vintage) Hard Drive

Windows 95 doesn't limit the drive size, but the original Windows 95
only supports FAT partitions (e.g. FAT16), and those are limited at 2.1
gigabytes.  However, you can have a bunch of such 2.1 gigabyte
partitions, if needed, to use the space of a larger drive.
Alternatively, Windows 95 OSR2 did support FAT32, which removes this
limitation entirely.  But since he's replacing the hard drive anyway,
upgrading to Windows 98 should be a better option.

There are hard drive size barriers at 504 megabytes, 2.1 gigabytes, 4
gigabytes, 8 gigabytes 32 gigabytes and 137 gigabytes (and, sometimes,
other sizes if the limitation is bios-imposed).  Any given BIOS may or
may not have any of these limitations, and there are ways to get around
some of them in some cases.  Without actually trying things, it's hard
to know with certainty how large a drive a given laptop bios will support.

Quaoar wrote:

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Re: Winbook XP (mid '90s vintage) Hard Drive

Getting the hard drive is easy, almost any will work.  Now, however, if
you need a caddy or special connector, that's a different problem.

Rob wrote:

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