Winbook X1 mouse problem

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Have a Winbook X1 700Mhz cpu, 128MB RAM, 10GB hard drive, WinME with
the real DOS patch.

Machine has a touchpad which works fine. Until recently I was able to
also insert and use a PS2 mouse in the keyboard/mouse port provided on
the rear of the machine.

Now, operation of the PS2 mouse is problematic if it works at all.
Sometimes on a fresh boot, it works, until I engage a wireless card
(for instance). However it used to work whatever I did. I can't think
of anything I changed and the particular mouse is fine, works on
another laptop.

I seem to be able to get an external keyboard to work fine.

Also, the startup button is very touchy, and it often takes several
tries to get it going - that's been the case since I got the machine
- used.

Any ideas?


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