winbook, mainboard switch settiings

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I am posting this for my brother who has limited access to newsgroups.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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WinBook Model XP5  (ANL-5)   Serial Number 20AVF01398
I have a winbook XP-5 Pentium (P54C) (75 mhz (anl-5). I also have a pentium
(P54C) 120 mhz processor on hand. Since this laptop was available in 120
mhz, can you please tell me the proper mainboard switch settings to utilize
the faster processor?
I did receive the complete voltage information setting information from
winbook but they can't (or won't) find  the speed settings.What I am needing
at this point is the settings for the CPU clock or bus frquency/speed and/or
multiplier in order to achieve the intended speed of 120 Mhz. Otherwise I
would just be running a 120Mhz processor at the original 75Mhz with no
change in performance. There are switches that I believe are for these
settings that are located on the system board (mother or main board). There
are 2 banks (S1/S2) of 2 swithes each (1 and 2) and there is also a slide
switch (S3) with 3 positions. Some or all of these are probably needed to
set the actual speed of the processor to 120 Mhz.
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