Win98SE "Warm Boot" Problem

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I've recently configured a Gateway M305CRV notebook system to
dual-boot into Win98SE and WinXP Home.  (Thx again to Barry Watzman
for driver search advice.)  No problems on the XP side, but there's a
strange one on the 98SE side.

When the system has been off (power off) for five minutes or more, it
will start in 98SE w/o problem, every time.  Restarts (Shutdown /
Restart) sometimes are successful, but usually result in system
"hang" early in the boot cycle.  Power off for less than five minutes
(approximately) gives the same result: system "hang" right at the
start of the cycle.  (Can always start in Safe and Command Prompt

However, if the system is powered off and left off for at least five
minutes, it boots into 98SE Normal mode w/o problem, w/o fail.  This
is true both in an "off overnight" situation and also after repeated
(failed) tries to boot in normal mode.  (98SE does recognize prior
failed boot and offers expected text menu—selecting Normal start
works fine.)  Starting in safe mode, then attempt to restart fails in
the same way—same is true for starting in XP on the other partition,
then trying to (re)start in 98SE.  Leave power off for at least five
minutes, though...immediate start in Normal mode.

On the XP side, there's no startup or restart problem at all.

When the system won't (re)start in 98SE, Bootlog.txt reveals the last
entry as loading IFSHLP.SYS.  When start is successful (power off for
at least five minutes), the next Bootlog.txt entry is "Loading Vxd =
VMM"...followed by the long list of expected events.  The "hang"
event is virtually at the beginning, with a C:\ prompt having been
displayed...but the cursor line appears to have jumped down a line.
There is no flashing underscore.

Please note: there is no shutdown problem.  Start / Shutdown always
results in the system powering off completely.

Autoexec.bat and Config.sys are null, and there are no "load" or "run"
entities in System.ini and Win.ini.  There's no network connection and
no LAN defined.  MSConfig has few entries in the startup tab--quite
new Win98Se installation--and all are expected.

Any ideas on what Win98SE startup problem (problem loading VMM32.vxd?)
can "fix" itself just by sitting with power off for five minutes or
more...and/or how to get around the problem described?

Any/all thoughts and advice welcomed.

John P.

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