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Just plugged a WiFi access point Asus WL 300g, working in 802.11b mode
(11Mb/s), and problems arise.

Even though I've upgraded the firmware of the Access Point, and my notebook
has the latest drivers, whenever the AP is placed over 3/4 meters from the
notebook, windows states the connection has dropped, then after about half a
minute it connects again....over and over.

The AP can connect up to 54Mb/s so running @ 11Mb/s it should keep the pace

Wondering if the built in adapter (NO PCMCIA) has some limits....

Toshiba Satellite M30 + Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter (as
stated from the device manager), Windows XP Pro + SP2.

Any help appreciated.

Re: WiFi problem

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Well it looks like I was missing the latest drivers of the notebook
adapter...... updated and now it works perfectly, even between rooms in my

BTW, there are some parameters of the AP that aren't so helpful to me.

Anyway, I've pushed the radio power of the AP from 19 (default) to 40,
whilts the maximum is 84; problems here, like health or ?

Also I've enabled frame bursting to improve performance.

There are also other params like fragmentation threshold (2346) and RTS
threshold (2347) and DTIM Interval (1) and beacon interval (100).....
changing those values could help to improve performance?

Actually while writing this post, I have a background command window pinging
continuosly the AP and getting answers in about 1/4ms; randomly some

Should I care?


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