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Okay, Here is the deal

I want to Install Windows 2000 Pro on my laptop, and take off XP, due
to the fact that my laptop only has 192MB of ram, which makes it super
slow. The problem is my laptop has a removeable Floppy drive, and CD
drive. So If I put the disc in to begin installation, I can't make the
boot floppies, and then swich back to the cd drive, then back to the
floppy drive to install it. Is there any way that I could make a CD
installation without the use of floppies? This would be great, hope you
can help

Allen Stalker

Re: Widows 2000 Pro

apyankeefan wrote:
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Copy CD to harddisk: make boot floppies: install!

Re: Widows 2000 Pro


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Boot from the CD?  Unless it is an old laptop, you should be able to
boot from the Win2K CD.  You may have to change the boot order in the
BIOS, but AFAIK, all Win2K CDs should be bootable.

stlview at earthlink dot net does't get checked very often...


Re: Widows 2000 Pro

apyankeefan@gmail.com says...
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Sounds like your 'puter doesn't support bootable CD.
Copy the i386 directory from the CD onto your hard drive and run
setup from there.

Re: Widows 2000 Pro

apyankeefan wrote:
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How did that work for you Allen? As I have a Toshiba 2595XDVD maxed out
with 192MB of RAM with Windows 2000 Pro on it and I'm thinking about
installing Windows XP on it. Since I saw a big improvement with my AMD
1.2 GHZ machine with 386 MB with Windows XP over than Windows 2000. I
also have another Toshiba 2595XDVD with Windows 98SE on it. And it plays
DVDs and streaming video better than the Windows 2000 machine. Both have
192MB of RAM.

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