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Hi all,

If you've got a notebook with a widescreen (let's say 1280x800), and a
fullscreen application that wants to use a non-native resolution
(640x480, 800x600, etc.), is there any way to display the application
as it was meant to be?

For example, consider a game set up to run at 1024 x 768.  Can the game
be run natively, but with black vertical bars on either side?  Or will
it automatically be stretched/blurred to fit the entire screen?


Re: Widescreen notebook question

Usually you have an option in the graphics settings to do either (for games
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Re: Widescreen notebook question

In Windows, usually it will run at it's native resolution.  In DOS full
screen mode, there may be a "switch" to select "stretching" on or off.
This may be located in the video driver (DOS mode under windows) or in
the BIOS setup program.  Also, if it's DOS mode under Windows, it may be
a parameter setting in the ".PIF" file that many DOS mode programs use
when running under Windows.

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