Why is my AC Adapter receptacle on the motherboard ARCING?

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Whenever I plug in the AC adapter to the laptop, I can see it arcing
underneath the receptacle...the component that receives the adapter

I desoldered it and placed some electrician's tape under it...thinking
that would insulate whatever was shorting out, but it still arcs
through the tape.


Is the piece of metal that hangs down a ground that must be in good
contact with the chassis perhaps? I only have the motherboard with me
now, so I am not sure if there is a good contact between the chassis
and the metal when installed, but I tried grounding it to a metal
desk and still got arcing.

Any suggestions?


Re: Why is my AC Adapter receptacle on the motherboard ARCING?

toddaway wrote:
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It's likely you have an OPEN connection.
Put a wire from each pin on the socket to the place it goes on the
circuit board slightly away from the socket.

I's also possible that you've busted the socket and it needs to be replaced.

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Re: Why is my AC Adapter receptacle on the motherboard ARCIN

I would suggest to you perhaps the arc is actually at, or under the
plug recepticle itself.  It sounds like she got pulled on a few times
and it cracked the metal lead inside the plastic of the plug itself.

An arc is a loose connection, usually.  Even if you flow soldier to
fill the crack, it's likely to break again, as soldier's soft.

You could take the plug out again and set a multimeter for resistance
across each motherboard lead, and the front connection where the plug
plugs in.  Shake it and see if the resistance varies.  It shouldn't.

If it does, it's time for a new one, although, I'd check it out first.
 I don't know where you can get one.

Your ground test is flawed, in order to use the metal desk, you'd have
to ground the little spring leaf, and the main ground plain of the
board; both to the desk.

Re: Why is my AC Adapter receptacle on the motherboard ARCIN

Thanks for the replies.
Just to eliminate the possibility, I ordered a new jack off eBay for 7
bucks. I don't think it's the jack though :(

I pulled it out again and tested it for continuity, and it seems
ok....although it's hard to put any kind of torque on it while
holding leads on it.

Probably against recommended safety practices, I plugged the ac
adapter into the unmounted jack and touched it to the board where it
normally inserts. It definitely arcs at the top of the board as it
just barely touches the tops of its mounting holes. I don't
understand this, because a continuity test at the top of these same
mounting holes shows infinite resistance between each other.

I'm thinking of painting the top of the board with that liquid
insulation stuff that electricians sometimes use.

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