Why does Memory Stick crash Sony laptop?

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I have an almost new Sony laptop with a built-in Memory Stick drive.  I have
a coupla SanDisk memory sticks that intermittently crash the Sony as soon as
I put them in.  Something looking like a blue screen of death flashes on for
a second then laptop reboots, saying it's recovered from a serious error.
Other times, I can put the stick in and it works perfectly.

Any insights as to what's wrong?  I'm suspecting it might be the memory
stick drive because the memory sticks don't crash other Sonys I've inserted
them into.  This started after I got a "format error" on one of my sticks
and inserted it in the laptop but it now crashes sometimes with new sticks.
Is there software or firmware for the drive I can reinstall?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Why does Memory Stick crash Sony laptop?

Check the Sony website for a BIOS or driver update regarding this.  If
nothing is listed let us know.. What model Laptop is this?

Re: Why does Memory Stick crash Sony laptop?

I own a PCG-NV170 sony laptop that has a built in sony memory stick
drive. if i'm  correct you have to buy sony memory sticks or equivalent
to use the built in memory stick drive and msn windows updates.

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