Who makes tall-screen laptops?

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Although I like my old Thinkpad T41, I will soon need more powerful
laptop computer to run CAD programs. I need as tall screen as possible
for the CAD work. My preference is SXGA (1280=D71024). Where can I buy a
new, fast laptop with a tall screen?

Re: Who makes tall-screen laptops?

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Does it have to be on a laptop screen?  I'd hate to do real CAD work on
anything less than a large flat panel display, which could be easily
attached to many high-end laptops.

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Re: Who makes tall-screen laptops?

simple.language.yahoo@gmail.com wrote:
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You probably can't.  Although the 4:3 aspect ratio screen is perfect for
many business users, the movie watchers and game players have driven it out
of production.  I'm certain (well, almost certain) that no major
manufacturers are making one at the present.  In fact, the Lenovo T61 was
the last model with a 4:3 option.  They quit making it last year. Maybe you
can find a used one.

Re: Who makes tall-screen laptops?

Somewhere on teh intarwebs Frank Berger wrote:
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That is exactly what I intend to do in a year or so; Find a good used
R61/T61 with a 4:3, hi-res screen. IT could take a while and it'll be a
while until people don't think that they're worth an arm and a leg but I can
be patient. My R51 1400x1050 should last me until I find one at the right

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