who can explain dell pricing?

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I'm not sure which it group plugged me into the right dell group, but trying
to buy anything from dell will be priced according to the group your
registered in.  I need a monitor.  I've seen a military exchange with
military disount come in at $848, Costco is $750 and Dell Direct with my
login is $760.

Here's another.  I got a dvdrw direct from Dell for my XPS Gen 1 notebook
for $65 or so.  I queried the part number on the cdrw dvdrom and it's $150.
I was going to sell it on ebay or offer it here.  but for $150, I'll box it
up and put it in my parts room.  I'm far beyond a parts bin or box.

I know about the coupons.  Yet the coupons are deducted from retail, and my
special dell group almost always under-prices retail less discount.  I'm
looking for a 24" LCD monitor with the 5 year warranty.  Is there a coupon
or hint to get below the prices I quoted above.  The prices are pretty good,
but who doesn't want to do better.

Re: who can explain dell pricing?

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Dell is famous for "flexible" pricing.  I found the identical laptop
priced diferently depending on what catagory you said youi were in.  I
consider buying a computer from any of he big consumer brands the same
as buying a car. You have to know what the market is.  

I tell people to do all the research and work up quotes for specific
configurations or two that they like and then call up a Dell sales
person on the phone and take as much of their time as possible, Thay
can cut deals and give freebees to close a deal. They have a quota to

Think about what big $$ software you want, and what you don't
want. See if the salesman can get you a good price on the former.

Don't take a "free" digicam or a printer unless (a) you really need it
and (b) know the model they offer and know the price you would expect
to pay if you bought it from the best  discounter, by itself.

If you take a 3 year warranty, buy it only from the manufacturer, not
a third-party.

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