white box only on the display

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I recently got 2 Dell 1501 Insperion laptops running VIsta  and both
the same problem, the display goes black with a small white box thats
filled with while lines.   Its very intermittent and not reproducable
but happens alot.   the only recovery is to force a reboot.

We've opened up a ticket with Dell and they've "never seen this
before"  So far, we changed the motherboard, sent it to the repair
depot where they changed the motherboards AGAIN.  Now the want to swap
the units out with refurbs......like thats going to make a
difference.   I think its a Vista compatibillity issue.   Have anyone
seen this before?


Re: white box only on the display

Ever consider that the problem is in the monitor and not the computer?

rickm@galaxy.nsc.com wrote:
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Re: white box only on the display

Yes but  2 monitors that have the same exact problem, seem unlikely
when Dell says that they've heard of this problem.  I driver-Vista
incompatibilty has
a higher probability.    I would ike to try XP but Dell wont do it.

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Re: white box only on the display

My name is John, and I work at Dell headquarters.

There may be some licensing problems preventing us from "reverting"
your systems to XP, even for testing purposes, but I do agree that there
may be a driver issue at work here. Since this problem isn't readily
reproduceable, we may want to actually provide you with an exchange
while capturing one of those notebooks for testing. I couldn't find
anything like that in our internal documentation either, so if this a
driver problem, it would probably be a good idea to document this

You can contact me through our group mailbox:


I'd be happy to work with you myself.

Dell Customer Advocate

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