Which Sager laptop?

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I am trying to choose between two Sager laptops from
Powernotebooks.com.  My 2 choices are $900 difference.  I'd like some
feedback about which one is a better deal.  I am very interested in
playing Half-Life 2 and DOOM 3.
The differences are:

Sager NP4750 Force - $2,660
Athlon 64 3700
ATI 9700 128MB
100 GB Hard Drive

Sager NP9860 Force - $3,518
Pentium 4 3.6 Ghz
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound
nVidia GeForce Go 6800 256MB
200GB Hard Drive (2x100)

Everything else is identical.

I'm not particularly looking for opinions on Sager or
Powernotebooks.com.  I just want opinions on those four different
Opinions please.

Re: Which Sager laptop?

ckacosta@hotmail.com wrote:
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FWIW, a state-of-the-Intel-art P4 in a notebook is an oxymoron.  This
will need a huge heat pipe cooler and large capacity fan(s).  It will
need barriers around the exhaust cooling air to prevent burns if it is
not connected to an oven as the heat medium.  Battery capacity can
likely be measured in minutes.  It will need its own isolated AC power
with fan motor starters to prevent brownout in the house or office.  The
power company will want to install separate metering so they can
effectively control the output from the generating station.  It might
need its own electrical switch station, depending on the age of the
neighborhood power system.  The operating area will of necessity require
ANSI-certified hearing protection from the fan noise.  All this and LOOK
AT THE PRICE!  This laptop must be able to make dinner and do the
washing!  For the price one can get a really good Centrino and buy
another for a spare!  As an aside, do you think the entire unit is

Are you certain that this is not an April Fool's joke?  I'll be
monitoring notebookforums.com for the user experience at six months.  It
should be a riot as the units melt down.  OTOH, maybe the laptop comes
with water cooling and a supporting evaporative cooling tower?  Does
Sager note anything about an industrial facility license?


Re: Which Sager laptop?

Quaoar wrote:
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I wear those hearing protectors like you see on the guys servicing
planes on aircraft carriers, so the fan noise is not really a factor.

The battery is  able to power the system for 10 to 20 milliseconds,
easily able to handle any power spikes without a UPS (although truth be
told I have a 3-rack APC-power Xtructure "just in case").

Portablitiy is also not a problem, since everything nicely fits into the
tractor trailer rig parked in front of the house, with room to spare for
a couple of extra mousepads.

We installed a cooling tower on the roof for my Toshiba P25.  But really
that is just for backup cooling since I am pumping liquid helium through
the laptop enclosure at a rate of .5 gallons per second.

However, this once caused my tongue to get stuck to the touchpad... but
that's another story...

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