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as always I have difficulty deciding which notebook to buy. well I need
it for my postgraduate studies so I want to use Office, web browsing,
some games etc. my budget is up to $1500. In the stores around I can
find Acer, Toshiba, HP, Fujitsu Siemens and Sony notebooks. Since I
think that all are about the same I think going for the 2 year warranty
offered by Fujitsu Siemens and Toshiba is nice. about the specs i am
thinking Intel M 725 or 735 512 ram, 60gb hdd, Dvd+-r/ , modem56K,
Wireless 802.11b/g etc... Toshiba Tecra looks nice but I would like to
hear your thoughts on the matter. My only experience with notebooks is
my dad's Fujitsu Siemens Amilo D7850 which is ok but the battery doesnt
last for long and it is a bit heavy...thank you very much


Re: which one to buy

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Its all about what you want/like/can afford.  I happen to love my Toshiba
Satellite 2430-S255.  Its immaculate, has never given me any trouble and its
quieter than many laptops I've been around.  Unfortunately I'lll be selling
it to help offset the chunk I just put down on an HP zd8000.  I'm not an HP
fan from prior experience but I really needed the fullsize keyboard with
numpad they & Fujitsu make now.  The latter was much more expensive with
fewer options.

I'll buy a Toshiba any day of the week.  When they get on the ball and come
out with a fullsize keyboard with numpad for a notebook then I'll probably
sell the HP at a loss so I can move back to Toshiba.  For tech
support/warranty issues they are good as are many of them but you may want
to add Dell to your list since you can buy extended plans through them.

Another option is to buy a slightly/gently used but higher end laptop from a
reputable ebay seller.  Get more bang & hopefully longevity for your buck.
That's how I got my maxed out Satellite.


Re: which one to buy

Good afternoon, Mike.

Whatever you do, do NOT buy a Toshiba.  Buy anything else, but not

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 that is on its fifth keyboard,
third motherboard, fourth display driver board, and third display, all
in the space of less than three years.

The last time it was in the shop to be fixed (for yet another display
board replacement), it took three weeks to get it back because the
display boards were backordered and Toshiba refused to tell either me
or the repair depot when any would be available... so all we could do
was wait.

At least I bought the extended warranty when I first bought the
machine, so all of its woes have been fixed under warranty so far, but
my business depends on having a reliable laptop and this one certainly

Do yourself a BIG favor and steer clear of Toshiba.


Re: which one to buy

thank you both...

It's funny cause it seems that everybody has a different opinion. Some
people told me Acer was great some others told me it was the worst. the
same for compaq and now the same for toshiba. I am beginning to believe
that the brand is irrelevant and you just have to cross your fingers not
to get a crappy one... I havent heard any bad opinions on Fujitsu
Siemens yet so if anybody thinks its crap, go ahead :)


C. J. Clegg wrote:
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Re: which one to buy

How about a Thinkpad?

Re: which one to buy

On Wed, 25 May 2005 09:28:53 +0300, Mike

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I should emphasize that the only long-term experience I have is with
the Satellite Pro 6100.  There may be other Toshiba models that are of
better quality.

If you want to see more opinions on Toshiba in general and the
Satellite Pro 6100 in particular, see:


Also see:


My general opinion of Toshiba as a company to stay away from is based
on the fact that they would (a) put out a poor quality machine like
this to begin with, and then (b) provide poor support and appear to
express a desire to disown it and leave its owners (Toshiba customers)
swinging in the breeze like it seems they're attempting to do.

Any company can have the bad luck to put out a product that ultimately
proves to be of poor reliability.  The good companies stand behind it
anyway, admit their mistake, and make things right for their

Also, even the best computers can fail and the best companies can run
out of spare parts.  But there's no excuse for the line we've gotten
from Toshiba in the recent past, that a certain critical part is out
of stock and they have no idea when any more will be available.

There are plenty of "good" companies out there.  Why take a chance on
the others?

Re: which one to buy

I've been a strong supporter of IBM Thinkpads for years. My companie's
sales force has gone through the gamut of brands from Compaq to Toshiba
to IBM to Dell. The Toshibas were horrid for us and the IBMs were the
best over all.

The reality for us was that people treat their laptops differently.
Some were quite careful and others were abusive to the point of
absurdity. Even though my company has better pricing with Dell and our
entire sales force uses Dells, I stil insist on using IBM. I don't know
what kind of future the Thinkpads will have after the Lenovo purchase
but the current line was designed by IBM before the transition so I
feel assured that they'll be as reliable as they have been in the past.

Re: which one to buy

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Do they make one with a 1600x1200 display and serial and parallel
ports on the computer instead of on a docking station?  I looked and I
couldn't find one...

Re: which one to buy

On Wed, 25 May 2005 21:32:53 -0400, C. J. Clegg

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Any color u want as long as it's black.

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