which one to buy? (1200$)

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Hi I need some information about what laptop to buy. I need to buy it right
away (in the USA) and i want it to cost maximum 1200 usd (about). I found
gateway 6510gz on circuitcity and i'm not sure if it's good. what do you
And one more: i'm from Poland and i have no possibillity to buy it on
auctions such as ebay. I MUST buy it at the shop and the 2 which suit me the
best are circuit city http://www.circuitcity.com/ and bestbuy.com
please tell me what do you think.
I want configuration at least as good as it is in mentioned gateway.
Thank YOU!


Re: which one to buy? (1200$)

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Take this with the ignorance in which its likely composed.  I don't know if
Gateway is still so proprietary with their notebooks as they are/were with
their desktops but they used to use a special memory module that could not
be purchased anywhere except Gateway.  I had to upgrade a client's 1.5yo
desktop a little while ago and the additional 512mb memory stick cost $575
(that's with me installing it, not Gateway)!  That's obscene.  I don't know
if they do this with notebooks or if they're still using that proprietary
memory module at all.  Hopefully someone who knows can say for sure but that
experience left a bad impression.


Re: which one to buy? (1200$)

My bet would be a language translation thing.  Like Casa Blanca in Spanish,
house white?  You would say 1200 dollars not dollars 1200, but that's just a
guess.  Curious myself, hope we get an answer.

What does it mean when you put the $ after the number instead of the proper

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