Which notebooks could power a Dell 30" LCD?

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I want to buy a new notebook and a Dell 30" LCD and wanted to know
which Dell (or non-Dell for that matter) notebooks have dual DVI
support so it can power the 30" LCD's full resolution.  I know Apple's
MacBooks have dual DVI support and Mac users report having their
notebooks power both the Dell's and Apple's 30" displays, but it's not
clear on Dell's website which notebooks could do this.

Re: Which notebooks could power a Dell 30" LCD?

I researched this yesterday with Sony 32 inch which is a monitor not a
tv... at Circuit City. I like the 55 inch Sony the best, grin. I could
write at warp speed with a Universe of files open on my desktop... get
the cure for cancer too.

Conclusion is I will have to have Circuit City tech pick out a notebook
Sony probably and a Sony 32 or 55 inch LCD and get the driver installed
and DVI or HDMI as I would say this is mission impossible to do this on
your own without plugging in the notebook into the LCD and installing
the driver for the LCD... without a LCD driver from Sony your new 32
inch would look like a distant galaxy.

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shodson@gmail.com wrote:
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Re: Which notebooks could power a Dell 30" LCD?

30's need 2 dvi's, right?  To date, you're not going to find 2 dvi's on a
notebook.  You can go high end notebook and drive a 24 to 1920 by 1200, but
check the video card in advance.  I have a Dell xps gen1 to a dell 24.
fast, clear and trouble free.  It has an aging, but high end for its day
video card.

Today, now, not tommorow nor vaporware, I also have a dual head to go, a
matrox product.  I can drive 2 19" lcd's to 1280 by 1024.  a triplehead2go
does the same over three monitors.

If you are into monitor arrays, get a desktop; period.  And expect the video
card to cost as much as the computer.
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Re: Which notebooks could power a Dell 30" LCD?

No, MacBooks can drive 30" LCDs because their video cards have
dual-link DVI support, but what Wintel notebooks have dual-link DVI
support, particularly which Dells, if any?


"Dual-Link DVI - At 2560 x 1600 resolution, the 30-inch Cinema HD
Display requires dual-link DVI connectivity. Dual-link support is
standard on the MacBook Pro, 15-inch and 17-inch PowerBook G4 and each
configuration of the Mac Pro and Power Mac G5. The advanced NVIDIA
Quadro FX 4500 and ATI Radeon X1900 XT graphics options for the Mac Pro
even drives the ultimate creative canvas: two 30-inch Cinema HD
Displays, delivering over 8 millions pixels."

Lucy Lu wrote:
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Re: Which notebooks could power a Dell 30" LCD?

None of the Dell Precision series Mobile Workstations (which have Nvidia
Quatro graphics) or the top of the range gamer, the XPS 1710 support dual
link DVI. I'm not aware of any Intel/AMD notebooks that do.

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