Which Laptop to Buy?

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Please help me select the correct laptop to purchase. I am starting
work shortly, helping FEMA in the areas affected by the recent
hurricanes: Katrina, Wilma, Rita. I will estimate construction costs
for repairs and reconstruction of affected buildings. I assume I must
use Windows XP and believe the following issues to be important; long
battery life, quick availability of repairs and parts (and technical
support), durability, ergonomics (I will be spending many hours per day
on the keyboard) and expandability/upgrade-ability. It is my guess that
a 60gig HD is large enough, and a screen size of at least 14". Now I
get into unknown territory: will I need more memory than 512, which
drives (DVD, R/W, ZIP, etc.), graphics, etc.. Additionally, I hope you
can recommend manufacturers and models. Thanks..........Phil

Re: Which Laptop to Buy?

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You know, any laptop can meet your requirements...even used ones.  One thing
you might consider to extend your battery life is a 12 vdc power supply.  I
have used them with those little coleman jump staters that you buy in the
automotive section or store.  The ones that use the cigarette lighter jack
to charge your car battery with enough to turn it over and start it.

Have a couple of those ($30) and you can go all day with most of the modern
laptops in power save mode.

Re: Which Laptop to Buy?

As to a good make, why not buy 2 Acers?  Then when one breaks and is
away being fixed for months at a time, you can use the other one....


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