Which is better Dell D610 or Acer travelmate 3200

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Hi all,

I want a light moderately powerful laptop.

< 3 Kg (6 Lb ?), 512 MB, 60 GB, 14" display, DVD/CD-RW, TVOut, a few USB
Wlan and Bluetooth.

After (a bit of) scanning I selected two systems

the Dell D610 and the Acer 3200.

Both systems are not ideal

the ACER (I currently have one) has low screen resolution (1024) but has a
slim charger (which is good since I need to take it along). However I live
in Europe and it seems the laptop is not yet available.

The Dell has a great display 1400x... but i have heard that the charger is
chuncky (which renders the portable less portable).  Also I do not have
experience with Dell.

Finally I would like to install LINUX on it (in a separate partition).  I
have messed with laptops and linux before and want to reduce the effort.


1. are there other laptops beside these that match my criterion
2. What about the chargers ? Can anybody confirm/deny their sizes
3. What about linux ?


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