Where to find Toshiba drivers (T2130CT)

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Due to an unfortunate accident, I wiped out the drive
in my Toshiba T2130CT laptop.

Where can I find the assorted "special" drivers for it?

I've been able to reload Win98SE using a 2-1/2" adaptor
in a normal tower computer. But it, obvioiusly, goes
nuts finding new hardware and searching for non-existant
drivers when I put the drive back into the laptop.

I've been to the Toshiba web site, but their support
doesn't include very much for that old a machine.


Re: Where to find Toshiba drivers (T2130CT)

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http://www.driverguide.com /


http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi -

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Re: Where to find Toshiba drivers (T2130CT)

CeeBee wrote:

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Oddly enough, they are on the Win98SE CD-ROM.
This is problematic when you need to install them
BEFORE you can hook up an external CD-ROM through
the PCMCIA port.

Sneaker-net to the rescue.

Using WinZip to scan the assort CAB files on the
CD, I was able to extract all 21 files requested
by the Laptop as it found new hardware.

Ugly procedure. Find, extract, copy to floppy and
stuff it back into the laptop and tell it to look
on A:\ for the wanted file after it couldn't find
the CD.

The good news. It's all up and running again.

The better news. I've made sure the stick has
plenty of splinters and rusty nails in it for
when I go into work tomorrow and deal with the
clown that trashed my laptop last week.

Thanks for your assistance.

Oh, and yes, I found driverguide.com previously.
(An occupational hazard of dealing with obsolete
crap. ;-)


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