where is laptop RAM located in ROCK agenda si notebook?

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I've noticed that the 256mb ram in the rock laptop (i have an agenda si
model) is partially used by the video card, so i can't install apps
with a minimum 256mb requirement. i want to upgrade RAM but can't see
where it lives. The large panel underneath houses the CPU and CPU fan,
and the small panel houses an unidentifiable cable. Does anyone know
where the RAM is located, how to access? I'm guessing i'm going to have
to take it to pieces, but any 'watch out for this' guides very much
SO... where is the RAM located on a rock notebook/ laptop....?

Re: where is laptop RAM located in ROCK agenda si notebook?

i've discovered that it is under the keyboard, the covers on the back
are for CPU and some kind of power unit as mentioned. I saw the review
that said it can take more than 256, so that's what i'm going to try. I
ran the Crucial 'scan' and it actually see's the laptop as a Mitac, and
then can't detect slot configuration or Ram type.... great help!  So
it's trial and error for me.....  the user manual and Rock's website
are useless.  they are more 'how do i open Word' type answers.  the
most technical is how to install windows, and there is no way to
contact them about upgrades (they'll do them but wont advise you how to
do them).   the answer is that it's an 'under the keyboard' Ram
location on the Rock Agenda Si model....

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