Where Is Hard Drive Sony Vaio PCG-FXA63

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The hard drive on my Sony Vaio PCG-FXA63 (circa 2002) just died and this
time it is not under warranty (it was replaced once a little over a year
ago).  I've been wanting to upgrade to a bigger disk (than a measly 20G)
ANYWAY, so I'll just get another one.  However, I can't figure out WHERE
the hard drive is or how to get at it.  None of the obvious openings in
the back or sides lead to it.  I seem to recall hearing once that it
might be located under the keyboard.  The Sony site is useless in this
regard since they merely say to take it to an authorized dealer.  I'd
hate to have to pay to take it to repair for something that SHOULD be
simple to do.

I've been trying to remove the screws on the back to explore it, but am
having a tough time getting one of them to loosen; I don't want to throw
good effort after bad if I'm doing it wrong in the first place, so any
info you might have in this regard would be helpful.

Thanks much!


Re: Where Is Hard Drive Sony Vaio PCG-FXA63

Robin Coutellier wrote:
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Does the FX have a strip between the keyboard and screen hinges that has
the power key, leds, and speakers?  If it does then you open the laptop
by removing that strip, exposing the keyboard retaining screw; the first
step is to find a screw on the left margin of that strip, remove it,
then slide the strip about 1/4 inch to the left and gently lift up.

If it does not have that removable piece, then look at the bottom for
screws marked with ==> that when removed frees the palmrest trim,
exposing the HD.


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