What travel (aircraft) adapter works best (Dell)

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I have a Dell e1405, and am about to do some extensive traveling.

The best solution would be compatible with those aircraft using
the Empower system.

What would work best?

Re: What travel (aircraft) adapter works best (Dell)

notaguru wrote:
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Be very careful. The Targus web site is explicit as to which units and
tips will operate the unit only, and which will operate it _and_ charge
the battery. Other brands are often not as detailed. This is often an
issue with Dell notebooks that have adapters that communicate with the

The best choice is probably the Targus APM12US and tip S35 (power and
charge). It's 90W output so there is sufficient margin.

"http://www.targus.com/us/product_details.asp?sku=APM12US "

The retail version costs about $120.

Apparently someone is selling an OEM version,

"http://www.dealsurprise.com/ta90wunnoacp1.html "
"http://www.compuvest.com/Description.jsp ;jsessionid=ap_nv78sYF-gGyx7qu?iid=516431"

for a lot less. I'd be wary though. I've purchased something from
Compuvest before (three LCD monitors). They called them HP monitors but
only because they were the Tatung model identical to the HP monitors
made by Tatung. They've been fine for several years, so I can't really
complain, but they should have disclosed that they weren't really HP

You'll still have to purchase the tip separately.

No doubt someone will start up with suggestions about power inverters.
There are some with EmPower input. If you go this route, get an inverter
with plenty of margin, at leas 120W for a 65W output power adapter.
Remember, the power supply is rated in output power, and it's not 100%
efficient. So the input power for 65W output could easily be 85-90W.

I use the iGo Juice 70 on a Compaq with a 65W adapter and it's worked
fine for many years. But there's very little margin for a 65W notebook,
and some have reported problems. A Dell with a 65W adapter didn't work
with a 75W inverter.

Re: What travel (aircraft) adapter works best (Dell)

SMS wrote:
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"http://www.compuvest.com/Description.jsp ;jsessionid=ap_nv78sYF-gGyx7qu?iid=516431"
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THANKS!! Anything but eBay...

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