What's your opinion on my lenovo not seeing the network until I redid the network setup (...

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First, I wouldn't get connection and so I had to disconnect and
connect again. Lenovo tech support said I needed to upgrade my
router's firmware.  Before I got to upgrade, I wouldn't see my network
listed  anymore. In fact, I would not see most of the network in the
neighborhood. So I went my desktop to do the firmware upgrade  - I
forgot the log in info to my network and had to reset the router to
defaults values first - but found out that what I have upgrade once
before is still the latest.  Without checking whether the Lenovo could
now see the network, I called Linksys tech support to find out the
latest version  available. In the process, I was told to re-upgrade
anyway. (That's silly because the easytool would upgrade only if it is
needed.) I checked the Lenovo and saw my network and was able to
connect.  What was that all about? Did that happen to anyone?

Re: What's your opinion on my lenovo not seeing the network until I redid the network setup (linksys router)

amandaF typed on Mon, 31 Dec 2007 01:38:34 -0800 (PST):
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Sounds perfectly normal to me. As any device with contains a CPU has
occationally the same problem as other computers. As all it takes is one
bit to be toggled the wrong way to cause a problem. There are lots of
reasons how this can happen. And when they happen, rebooting clears it
up most of the time.

email: change kom to com

Re: What's your opinion on my lenovo not seeing the network until I redid the network setup (linksys router)

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Well, it happened again the next day after I posted this. This time,
the tech support of Lenovo told me to update power management driver
(again), hot keys driver, and wireless driver

When I read the instruction for updating the wireless drive, I
realized that the reason for the way things happening was due to the
encryption on my home wireless network.  After I updated the wireless
driver ( I did the other two as well), I now have no issues.Needless
to say, I am disappointed with Lenovo that in the short period that i
have owned this, I have to do all this updating of the river. Beside,
why should they assume that people would not put encryption in their
home network. After all, they know better what type of people  buy

BTW, the first tech support guy I ever talked to should have asked
whether I was using encryption.  In fact, with the last guy (on the
issue of getting onto the network), if I had not given the scenario of
what I did by mentioning how I redid the wireless network setup along
with stating that I put an encryption,  I zm sure whether he would
have realized it on his on that the issue was because of I had the
encryption pu on my network and needed a different driver for the
network card.

In fact, today, I had to update the driver for the sound card as I
couldn't hear as I played a youtube video.

I am just annoyed that I had to do all those updating that soon after
I purchased this.

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