What is this card ?

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I've got an old card for a laptop made by SIIG that describes itself as a
"Cardbus to USB Adapter", model US2225, but the outboard end has a single
female connector that is thinner and a little wider than a normal USB port.
Any idea what this card is for?  Searches for the model number, even at the
SIIG website, yield nothing.

  - Magnusfarce

Re: What is this card ?

It's probably a notebook USB adapter card, where instead of having the
USB physical port (socket) in the card itself, they used an external
"dongle" with the sockets and a cable to the card.  You are probably
looking at the socket for the dongle cable.  If you don't have the
dongle, the cost of a replacement is probably more than a new card would

Magnusfarce wrote:

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Re: What is this card ?

Barry Watzman wrote:
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I think Barry's right.  Someone on here was looking for one of those a
couple days ago too.

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