What features do YOU like in a laptop?

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What size?   14 inch or smaller?

Like BlueTooth built in?

DVD burner?

how big hard drive and do you like SATA drives?

How much ram?

What would YOU buy feature wise for a laptop that is to
be used for everyday use..surfing, writing, etc

Re: What features do YOU like in a laptop?

In my view, DVD burner is essential (not for movies, but for data backup).

1GB of memory is the minimum.

Hard drive type (e.g. IDE or SATA) is totally irrelevant.  The larger
the better, however, and 80GB is an absolute minimum today.

The ability to run Vista with the Aero Glass interface is a "must have"
requirement (even if, for the moment, I'm sticking with XP ... I may go
to Vista later, and in any case it's a general minimum benchmark of
video capability).

Having at least one PC card slot is a big issue (many newer machines
only have "express card" slots).

Minimum CPU is Core Duo (no Celerons, or, at this point, even Pentium-M's).

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Re: What features do YOU like in a laptop?

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I strongly prefer something with good battery life, say 4 hours, because
a low-power laptop runs cool and quiet.  I also find a thin laptop to be
much more comfortable for typing on.  But smaller than 14" and you don't
get a full-sized keyboard.

Away from my desk, I still prefer this old 14" T40 because it's so thin,
light, quiet, and cool-running - even though I have a new T60 which is
several times faster with a screen that's higher contrast and richer color.

Go for 1 GB of RAM and, if it's an option, a 7200 RPM drive.

Re: What features do YOU like in a laptop?

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In addition to Barry's excellent suggestions, you need to decide how
"mobile" you want to be.  I'd go with 14in if you intend to travel, esp on
airplanes. If you are looking for something that will see life as a desktop
with ability to take in the car for use in hotel rooms, I'd look at 15 or
17in screens.  14in has less power consumption on batteries and has better
expandability for use of ac/dc adapters.

Re: What features do YOU like in a laptop?

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The single most important feature is a high resolution screen. My current
laptop is 1920*1200. My previous one was 1600*1200 before widescreens really
took off (not sure they were even an option at the time). Screen quality
needs to be top notch for photo editing in particular and a generally
pleasant experience all round.

I also want Bluetooth for my printer and synchronising my Phone/PDA. IEEE
1394 is vital for video stuff. I consider a DVD burner and wireless
connectivity to be standard components and not even up for debate.

Keyboard layout is also important. I've used Dells laptops since 1998 and
the layout has always been identical. I hate the keyboard on my g/f's
Ferrari as the DEL key is in completely the wrong place and you have to use
the Fn key to get to HOME and END. Some keyboards don't even feature a
WINDOWS key and since I use windows shortcuts a lot that needs to be

Beyond that I want high performance combined with good value so I'll
normally choose the processor option one down from the top of the line, lots
of memory and a fast/large HDD. I'm not really bothered about weight or
battery life as my laptop is used as a desktop replacement and not a
portable. If I wanted something portable I'd probably go for a Sony TX
series but that costs almost as much as my XPS and has a vastly inferior

Right now I'm running a Dell XPS M1710 with....

2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo
2GB 667MHz RAM
120GB 5,400 rpm HDD
nVidia Geforce Go 7950 GTX 512MB GFX
17" 1920*1200 glossy display
IEEE 1394
6 * USB 2.0
Card reader
Win XP MCE 2005 (Vista free upgrade on order)
3 year NBD on site warranty

I bought it brand new from an eBay trader specialising in Dell stuff and
saved around 350 off the price from Dell direct.

I was considering a Macbook Pro but they are a lot more expensive for a
similar spec and cannot provide the display resolution I require. If Apple
offered 1920*1200 I might have been tempted but that's the one spec on which
I refuse to compromise.

Re: What features do YOU like in a laptop?

I just replaced the battery on my T40 and found that I now have over 4
hours portable battery life using my Fedore Core 6 operating system. The
1400x1050 display gives me room for two command windows side-by-side.
Functioning wifi (it's never failed with Linux) makes the machine a
pleasure to use when traveling. The 80g drive could be bigger but a
second drive in a USB enclosure (powered from the USB port) is a good

All the system needs now is the DVD-W drive - a readily available option!

Phil Sherman

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Re: What features do YOU like in a laptop?

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    I can't believe you STILL haven't bought a laptop! You've been
asking opinions on what to buy since April 2005.
How can you know where I'm at if you haven't been where I been?
Can you see where I'm coming from? "How I Could Just Kill A Man" Cypress Hill

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