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Compaq Presario x1000-does not boot..Doesn't even reach POST

I have a Compaq Presario x1000 notebook. last week after using it, I shut
down as usual. But when i powered it on some time later.it simply refuses to
boot. The hard disk whirring sound comes to a stop within 2 seconds of
powering on. All the LEDs are on. The screen remains blank with no sign of
any activity. The fact is that the system halts before getting to the POST.
I connected it to an external monitor but there's still no display. meaning
that the LCD id ok. I have tried removing the battery ... and doing a power
drain, but it doesn't help.
i don't believe it's the HD I tried another HD but will not eave reach the
please help with any info
greatly appreciated

Re: What do you think it is?

Can you get into BIOS?

Have you tried booting from a cd or disk?

Are you sure it's not "locked" (FN F1)?

Is it hibernating?

Is the a non bootable disk in a drive?

Just a few things that have crossed my mind....

that my two cents worth but, I suppose, that's
Just Me
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Re: What do you think it is?

Whenever I see this, it always has been that the computer never
completed going into Standby mode. Meaning the computer hung before
completing and it was really on the whole time.

Older laptops usually had a reset button. Although modern day computers,
you just push and hold the power button for 5 or more seconds. Thus now
it powered off whether it wanted to or not. Now try to boot up the
computer. What happens now?


Bill (using a Toshiba 2595XDVD & Windows 2000)
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Re: What do you think it is?

This is not likely to be anything that is user-repairable, and it might
be a bad motherboard (will cost as much as a new laptop to replace).

Tony Hays wrote:

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Re: What do you think it is?

I was told this model was real easy to over heat the video card
and cause it to warp. what do each of you think?  appreciate
each of your response?
Tony Hays

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Re: What do you think it is?

Sounds like my vaio with bad mem slots. When the slots give up, it won't
post. Or, while running, it will suddenly stop responding.
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