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I have a Compaq Presario 2100 laptop AMD that was running a hot and
shutting down on its own due to over heating. I went to Compaq and
downloaded the service manual for it and took it upon myself to
disassemble the computer and give it a thorough cleaning. I took my
time and and took it apart all the way down to the motherboard, it
was filthy. I used a can of air and blew all the dirt, dust and hair
out of it. When I put the computer back together and turned it on it
ran for about ten seconds and then shut down.I turned it on again and
it did the same thing. I canít do anything with it  not even boot it
into the bios. What did I do wrong? I took it back apart to double
check my work and did not see any thing obvious and yes my fan is
running. Any help or suggestions will be great thanks.

Re: What did I do wrong

cousinles wrote:
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Check to see that your memory module is seated properly.

If necessary, remove it, clean the contacts, then reseat it.


Re: What did I do wrong

Since I was not there, I don't know what you did, but my experience is
that if an untrained person disassembles a laptop, there is a greater
than 50% chance that the laptop will not work again without major
repairs (hundreds of dollars).  Just as an example, and just for
starters, very few untrained individuals know how to simply plug and
unplug the flat "flex" cables used in laptops to connect all of the
internal parts of the laptop to each other.  All that you have to do is
improperly remove one end of such a cable and you may have destroyed
both the cable (which is sometimes a part of the the assembly at the
other end, such as the keyboard) and the connector.

cousinles wrote:

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Re: What did I do wrong

Barry Watzman wrote:
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I've taken a few apart successfully, and I have no real 'training.'  It
sounds like the OP was very careful, but your warnings about ribbon
cables are well taken.  I've never destroyed any...and have indeed found
them to be fairly robust; but they are sometimes difficult to get
reseated properly.

My best guess (to the OP) would be that a ribbon or other connector is
not properly seated OR that he failed to thoroughly clean the heatsink
surfaces and reapply heatsink compound.

If he was indeed having heat issues to begin with, a proper application
of good heatsink goop could help.


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