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Hello everyone,
I am about to replace my aging/dying DELL 8100 but things have changed over
the last 3-4 years !!
I have gotten familiar with most of the new technology, but I cannot seem to
find any info about where to buy
HP's dv5166ea (my current favourite), or, perhaps more important, how do the
brands fare up to each other?
I see solid, fast workhorses from acer, asus, HP, Packard bell, fujitsu,
dell, samsung, sony, .... but, for roughly the
same machine, what brands are worth looking at ??

any ideas / comment welcome.
Thank you.


Re: What Brand?

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Samsung makes computers?  I had no idea.  I would not consider anything made
by Packard Bell.  I currently own three Dells and they are excellent
machines.  Two Dimension 4700's and an Inspiron 9300.

If you stay with the big names you just about can't go wrong.  I would
suggest a short list populated by Dell, HP, Sony and Toshiba.  I would not
go with a Compaq as they seem to have some issues even though they are now
part of HP.  If money is no object, consider Falcon Northwest or AlienWare,
which has recently been purchased by Dell.

Re: What Brand?

Kevin wrote:
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I would caution with Sony.  Their service and support is better today
than even two or three years ago, but it remains Sony's weak point.
Note also that major lines of Vaio notebooks have well-documented
reliability issues that Sony has not acknowledged.


Re: What Brand?

I second the motions on Sony and Packard Bell.

There is a broad consensus (not universal, but broad) that the best
brands were SOME Toshiba models and also some (most) IBM Thinkpad
models.  However, Toshiba uses a number of outside manufacturers, and
IBM sold the line to Lenovo, so the status of both is less certain than
it was a couple years ago.  Another brand that I would often recommend,
but, again, not necessarily across the board, is Dell.  I would avoid
Sony, HP, Compaq due to support issues.

Quaoar wrote:

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Re: What Brand?

z@c.com schrieb:
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ThinkPad from Lenovo/IBM, or HP Compaq series; or Dell business line.


Re: What Brand?

I strongly recommend Thinkpad.  I have a T20 which I have used almost all
day, every day for 4 years, and it is still working fine.

The T43 is what I will buy next.

Check out the newsgroup


A friend had a Compaq, and the fan operated nearly all the time ... very
annoying while working side-by-side in the libarary.

Good luck.

Larry Mehl

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