Weird problem with Boot Sequence

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I have a Medion laptop, dual booted with XP Home SP2/SuSE 8.2.

My problem is as follows: When I attempt to boot from CD, the light comes on
as if the system is trying to read it, but it does not boot. The BIOS shows
everything to be in order (CD > Ext. device > hard drive). When I navigate
through the screens, I'm not able to make any changes to the listing for the
CD/DVD says "Installed CD/DVD Drive".  On the screen where I can
select the boot order, there is te following:
CD/DVD Drive
External Device
+ Hard Drive

Focusing on Hard Drive and hitting enter, this entry is expanded to show the
make/model of the HD. This does not happen to the CD/DVD drive. One other
note: I borrowed a USB floppy drive from a friend. When going to this screen
in this case, External Device was expandable and gave the info about the

I updated the BIOS with the latest update from the mfr's website.

This has happened with several different bootable CDs (XP, SuSE 9.1,
Knoppix), all of which boot perfectly on all my other machines.

The one exception: Booting from the manufacturer's rescue disk. This works.
I get a text menu from XP with the option to boot either from the HD or the
CD/DVD. The weird part? Going into the DOS pronpt, the CD/DVD drive is
listed as A:, the second HD partition shows as C:. They're F: and D:
respectively in XP.

The manufacturer's support department claims that they don't do anything to
disable CD booting from other CDs, but I'm skeptical.

I'm looking to do a long overdue flush/reinstall of the system, but don't
really want to reinstall all the preloaded crap that came with the laptop.
There were directories and rescue files that came with the laptop which I
backed up to CD.

I'd alo like to test out different Linux distros (note: the initial SuSE
install was done through FTP, but I'd prefer using CDs.

Has anyone run across this in the past? Thanks.


Re: Weird problem with Boot Sequence

I don't know what kind of BIOS you are running but you might want to
try to temporarily disable the HDD boot altogether. This will make it
so that it will not be able to boot the hdd and give it no option but
to boot the CD (if the drive works, that is...),

If this doesn't work, try disabling the hdd (not the boot sequence, but
the actuall hdd). For instance, on my BIOS, you can go to a screen
where it lists your drives, (ie, primary-master, and primary-slave) and
change the BIOS setting from Auto to None (amonsgt other things...).

If that doesn't work, you can try an external CD drive setup. They
aren't that expensive these days. In fact, if you have an old Desktop
CD-ROM drive, you can buy an external USB closure for it and then use
it to boot your laptop with. In this way, you can also add more storage
via cheaper desktop-size hdds.

Good luck, I don't know if anything I said is going to help. Byt they
way, how old is the laptop. If it is too old, the CD-ROM might not
accept burned CDs...

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