Weird Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard problem

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I've got a new (month-old) Lenovo ThinkPad 3000 N100. Love everything
about it, except: twice now the keyboard has malfunctioned in a very
weird way. Symptoms:

1)    the Windows key gets no response
2)    Ordinary keyboard shortcuts in different applications I was using
(i.e., ALT+ some other key) ceased working
3)    When I hit ALT+TAB to switch tasks, it scrolled backwards through
the tasks (i.e., left to right), rather than right to left
4)    Something very strange with "extend selection": if anything on
the screen was selected and I moved the pointing device anywhere, it
selected everything in turn -- as if I were holding down the shift key,
but I wasn't.

The only way I could stop the machine from doing all these weird things
is turn it off and boot up again. I spent half an hour at Lenovo's
site, jumping through the huge number of hoops required to report a
problem. Their response was to dispatch a box today for me to send the
machine back to them. That is way overkill for me: I can't even
reproduce the problem, so I'm not confident that they'll be able
to, and by the time I got the machine back from them I would be losing
the cost of it several times over in lost production. So I wonder: what
makes this happen? Is it some weird combination of keystrokes that
makes the machine go into this mode? What will undo it? Hitting the
escape key, which is my instinct, has no effect whatever.

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This won't help, but I have 2 Toshiba 2595XDVD ('99 era). One has
Windows 98SE on it and the other has Windows 2000 installed. And both of
them will lockup. Cursor, mouse, Internet, MP3, everything frozen. I
then had to power down and reboot. Not even CTRL-ALT-DEL would work.

Later I accidently hit the Fn key and that unlocks everything. Works on
both laptops too. Thank goodness I don't have to reboot them anymore.
This model also sometimes goes into instant key repeat mode only with
one random keypress. From example if I type Windows, it might type out
Winnndows. And pasting is sometimes fun, 2 to 6 instant pastes. lol I
have heard Linux users complain about this problem as well. So it has
nothing to do with Windows.

Supposedly there is a Linux version you can run totally from CD. And you
don't have to install it or anything. And it should be a good test to
see if your problem is in the software or the hardware. It might be
worth a shot.

The microsoft.public.* newsgroups can give you more informations about
this. As that is where I heard of it from. And good luck.

Re: Weird Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard problem

On 30 Aug 2006 12:12:38 -0700, wrote:

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Sounds like the shift key thinks it's being pressed. Next time it happens
tap the shift key two or three times and see if that clears it.

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Re: Weird Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard problem

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It's not a Thinkpad, BTW. It's just a Lenovo 3000.

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