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There are many players in the market claiming to be the best adding on
to the already prevailing confusion among consumers as to where should
they shop from. Key factors affecting their decision are:

1=2E    Guarantee of payment.

2=2E    Cashback percentage offered.

3=2E    No. of retailers listed.

New cashback websites have to establish themselves by virtue of their
loyalty to their members as this is what will earn them a good name and
revenue in the long run. Moreover, they tend to offer a greater
percentage of cashback for the simple reason that they compete with the
trusted names in the market. This provides an opportunity for online
shoppers to associate with these new entrants in the early phases and
earn a handsome or sometimes whopping sum of money by the time their
market start saturating.

With these key factors involved http://www.ukonlinemarket.co.uk may
prove to be more than handy when it comes to meeting your needs. It has
over 3000 retailers in 18 categories and various sub-categories
offering the most competitive deals in terms of cashback and options.
It offers82=A42.5 as sign up bonus to its members.

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