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If you know anyone who just bought a new 'puter or installed Vista not
to install new devices.
I have an HP dv9000 vista and just bought a new Nikon L11 camera at Best
The box says new Vista 32 bit camera and software.
The salesman said it runs beautiful on Vista because it's a new model
and the software is made for Vista.
I installed the software 7.1 and it totalled my machine.
It wouldn't boot from default, I finally got in there and uninstalled
the software and it still wouldn't run!
I phoned Nikon and they said I needed 7.1.5 software!
It took me all day to format my hard drive put the system on load all my
software, data and files and configure everything.
Now it's back to normal.
If anyone is running Vista MAKE SURE you contact the device
manufacturer, and get the LATEST software, DON'T go by what the box or
salesman says.

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