WANTED: Toshiba satellite 1800 motherboard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looking for a good motherboard for my toshiba 1800 satellite..

Mine started doing the funny bios thing and no will not boot at all
(which makes flshing the bios kinda difficult, if THAT will cure it...

So....  A parts unit w/o screen, HD, cd, adapter etc will be fine too.
I'd prefer a cpu onboard... Soma assurance it works, does not suffer
from the funny bios shutdown/ wont restart problem,  and that it is
not passworded would be nice too..

Anything from the 800 to the 1.1g is fine, price is the object...

In Canada, but from the USA, the USPS surface letter post shipping
might be SLOW, but it is cheap and a gutted parts unit should be under
the 4lb limit..

Decode my clever spam proffing to reply..
the mail of great heat thing


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