WANTED: HP notebook users with bad AC Jacks!!

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*** If you have an HP or Compaq laptop with a bad AC Power jack,
please read this message. **

I recently had to bury a two-year-old HP Pavilion laptop. I was
advised that my problem, a dead motherboard, stemmed from eletrical
arcing from a loose AC power jack - which had been an on-and-off
problem for some time. I certainly didn't realize it was frying my

I posted some questions about this issue to various newsgroups, and
found several people with the same problem - and have since found that
the problem is apparently indemic to certain HP Pavilion (and some
Compaq) notebooks.

I don't believe consumers should have to pay for a chronically faulty
design, warranty notwithstanding. And I *darn* sure don't believe a
laptop should die in two years. Since others appear to have had this
problem, I want to find out if there are enough people to even
consider the possibility of class-action product defect litigation
against HP.

I have absolutely no idea where this will go. This is merely a seed of
an idea. But I do know I'm sick of eletronic products that are
designed to crap out prematurely. And I think there are *lots* of HP
laptop users with bad power jacks out there.

If you are an owner of any variety HP or Compaq notebook with an AC
Power Jack problem, and are willing to let me know about it, please
email your name, a email address, the specific type of HP laptop you
have (model/number), how long you've had it, and send it to
HPLaptopUsers@yahoo.com. Feel free to add any contact you may have had
with HP if you so desire. If you want to provide a phone number or
more detailed info, great, but I'm not yet planning to call people
just yet.

I am not a spammer, I'm not looking to sell any names or any of that
nonsense. And I'm not out to "get" HP. I just believe they should be
accountable for a poor product design. I'm just trying to find out if
anyone else has had the same problems as I have. Maybe, just maybe,
together we can do something about it.

Please do **** N O T **** reply to the EMAIL in this message - it is
ancient and dead.


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