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I'd like to buy a new laptop to replace my old Thinkpad A20m which
served its master well but it's just way too slow and doesn't have the
needed devices used today.

I want to use the notebook mainly for the Internet; web browsing, email,
usenet, news feeds etc.  I'd also like to run office applications such
as Open Office pr perhaps Office XP.  I also want to play movies on DVD
or ones I've put on the hard drive, say when I'm on a train trip.  I'd
like to burn the odd DVD too.  I'd like a minimum 15.4 inch screen
although 27 inch would be better.  But if the cost difference or weight
difference is too much I will be satisfied with the smaller screen size.
  Can anyone recommend the type of machine I should be looking for?
What I mean by that is processor speed, celeron, dual core, how much
ram, etc.?  It can be Intel or AMD.  And battery life is important, but
not extremely so.  I can usually find somewhere to plug in the machine
if I have to.  If you want to suggest particular makes and models, that
is ok too.

Let's just say I don't have much faith in the average box store sales
person.  My expectation is that they will try and sell me the most
expensive machine they can and I end up wasting my money.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Re: Want To Buy Laptop

This week Best Buy has a closeout special on the Toshiba A205-S5825 for
$399.  It is a Fantastic laptop for that price, and will work great for
what you want (you may want to upgrade the RAM from 1GB to 2GB, but
doing so is inexpensive).  If you go to the Best Buy web site (you can't
buy it there, it's a closeout and it's only avail in stores), you will
see a ton of reviews and they are for the most part highly positive.  We
bought one of these and, again, for the money, it can't be beat.  It's a
2.0GHz Pentium Dual Core, Intel chipset with X3100 chipset video (which
is actually pretty good), 1GB RAM, 120GB hard drive, dual layer DVD
burner, Vista Home Premium, Firewire, 4x USB 2.0 ports, modem, wired and
wireless network connections.  You can upgrade the RAM to 2GB for about
$30 to $50 (less if you resell the old memory on E-Bay), which
definitely makes it better.

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Re: Want To Buy Laptop

The negative would be the crappy processor, spend more and be prepared to
get used to a wobbly screen.

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