Walmart $398 laptop deal

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Walmart is going to have a laptop deal the week of Nov. 5 to 11th.  A
Compaq laptop for $398.  It's a "Black Friday" warmup.

Re: Walmart $398 laptop deal

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Really? Any idea what model it is? Wal-Mart currently has 3 Compaq

Compaq Presario V2720WM 14.1" Wide Laptop, 1.8 GHz Mobile AMD S.

Compaq Presario V2718WM 14" Laptop w/ AMD Turion 64 ML-34 1.8GH.
Was: $748.00

Compaq V6110US 15.4" Presario Laptop PC, 1.6 GHz AMD Turion 64 .
Before rebate:
Rebate: $30.00

Is it one of them? They are all AMD processors. <sigh>


Re: Walmart $398 laptop deal

Compaq Presario V5305WM Laptop Computer - $398.00

Product Link • Official Specifications

     * 2.00 GHz Mobile AMD Sempron™ Processor 3300+

     * 512MB 333MHz DDR (upgradable to 2GB)


     * 60GB 5400RPM Hard-Drive

     * 24X DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive

     * 15.4” WXGA High-Definition BrightView Widescreen (1280 x 800) Display

     * Integrated 56k modem, 100mb Network Card and 54g 802.11b/g
Wireless Connectivity

     * 1 ExpressCard/54 Slot (Not PCMCIA)

     * 10.2"(L) x 14.1"(W) x 1.38"(min H) /1.77"(max H)

     * 6.4 lbs

BillW50 wrote:

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Re: Walmart $398 laptop deal

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Does anyone have any information about the batteries?
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Re: Walmart $398 laptop deal

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If in fact it is the V5305WM you can read all about it here:

Re: Walmart $398 laptop deal

I never had much luck with 'camping outside of Wal-Mart' for 3 days and
the odd's your #2 in line.

My last luck was a $399 laptop at BestBuy. There were actually only 2
people waiting when the store opened and I was one of them. 2 laptops
per store. (although the ad just said 'limited')

I think the luck was it was a brand new store that just opened and few
knew it opened.

I think about as much of BestBuy as Circuit City.

Last year Black Friday was an insane joke here. If they are going to
play games with '1 per store' type operation just do your math. You can
choose one store and wait 3 days ahead of time for 'one per store'.

A good time to buy any computer? MAYBE.

Vista rolling out? Can't stop it. Every new computer will have Vista

I notice software now is being eliminated in many stores. Sell something
without 'Vista' on packaging?

I think I can remember when XP came out. Allot of good bargains.(on
pre-xp stuff)

Re: Walmart $398 laptop deal

Well, the Walmart deal is this sunday and will catch most people by
surprise.  Supposedly, it's MINIMUM 10 per store.

The stores do a pretty good job of stocking these items, but they still
sell out.  Last Thanksgiving, BB had items advertised as 10 or 20 per
store, but most stores had 50 or more.  However, that still doesn't go
very far when there are more than 1,000 people lined up before the store
even opens.

In truth, some of the best deals are "under the radar".  Last year,
sometime during the holiday season, Dell had an online "$750 off $1,500"
coupon.  Granted, it's no $400 laptop ... you are going to pay $750.
But for that money you were going to get top-of-the-line loaded with a
4-year extended warranty covering accidental damage.  and with no
rebates.  That's probably a better deal than some of the "$398" deals
offered (often with rebates for nearly half of the cost of the item).

Don't know what Dell will offer this year, but they have a 30% plus $100
off coupon right now on some laptops with a "full" price of $1,399 or more.

Frightening thought:  Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks from the day after
tomorrow.  Black Friday season is upon us.

internet-terminal zz4 wrote:

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Re: Walmart $398 laptop deal

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006 13:29:21 -0500, Barry Watzman

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Looks like a pretty good deal to me:
I may just be getting up early Sunday.
Thanks for the heads up.
Would anyone know of anything comparable in this price range?

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