VPC vs Partition Magic 8

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The VPC was a stickey thing that seemed to be bugged.   VCOM's
Partiton Magic 8 however is a beautiful piece of software and
handles both partition sizing and and the best thing is
It does it in the MBR and can handle anything from LINUX to UNIX
and W95 thru xp/pro all on the same HD.   Its best feature is
it actually gives you a "BOOT" menu on start up.  I/E you could
have xp, linux, w95, unix all on the same HD if its big enuff.
For more info do a search on VCOM or Partition Magic.
                      Kokomo Joe

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Re: VPC vs Partition Magic 8

Joseph Fenn wrote:
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What VPC are you referencing? I have MS Virtual PC and Partition Magic
8.0. They are totally different programs, apples and oranges.


Re: VPC vs Sys Cmdr V8

I mised the subject line on my msg.  I meant to compare VPC with
System Commander V8.   That changes the whole aspect of my msg.
Sys Cmdr is the magic tool that does it all,  partition sizeing,
mixing various os' on the same HD and most importantly a boot menu
to quickly access which OS you want right from the starting screen.
VPC requires funny stuff like holding downth alternate key to get
in and out of its various choices,  and whats more it is plain
flackey in keeping latched to the various systems you have installed.

Re: VPC vs Sys Cmdr V8

Joseph Fenn wrote:
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It still sounds like you are comparing apples and oranges. VPC runs as
an application under WinXP. You boot your normal WinXP, then start VPC
and then boot a virtual PC, not real hardware. I have had several
flavors of Linux, a couple of DOS flavors, Win95, Win98 and even WinXP
as virtual PCs with no problems. When you finish working with a
virtual PC OS, you exit and you are back in WinXP.

On the other hand there are several ways to multiboot different OSs.
WinXP will work OK, but you need to install OSs in a certain order. I
have used Linux's Lilo with excellent results. Linux has a boot loader
called Grub that is supposed to be even better than Lilo. I guess Sys
Commander v8 is another boot loader.

It depends on what you want/need. VPC lets you run an OS on a virtual
PC, so you can experiment and screw things up without affecting your
real PC. If you mess up your virtual OS/PC, just delete a couple of
files and start over. Boot loaders boot real OSs on your real PC and
you can mess up all of your systems if you screw up.

Good luck, jimbo

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